Terms of Use

Terms of service, etc

○Terms of service for this website

The user shall agree the conditions below and follow the related laws and ordinances to access, browse and use this website.

(1)The all copyrights and the other materials contained on this site belong to como!come! Design Studio Inc.,. Nothing in this site shall not be photocopied, altered, diverted, sold and published to the third party.

(2)The name and logo of Comocome.com are trademarks of como!come! Design Studio.

(3)The contents in this site may be subject to variation, moratorium and abatement at any time without any notice. We shall not take any responsibility for any damage arising from the content variation of this site, the service moratorium of disable site and any information that user gain from the links.

○Description based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

1. Company name, address and phone number

comocome Design Studio Inc.

#603 Kappa D.C 3-1-12 Mastugaya Taito-ku Tokyo 160-0022 JAPAN

Phone: +81-3-6802-8366

2. Chief operating officer

Shinichi Hirose, the president

3. Product price

As described in each page of the product information.

4. Shipping cost and additional cost

We ship all over the world by EMS or ePacket.Shipping cost will be added to the price of the products. But you will get free shipping with purchases of JPY5,000 or more.(in Japan JPY3,000 or more)

5. validated date for purchasing

Any time as long as the products are in our online shop.

6. Purchase quantity

Please refer to the each product description for the limited-line products.

7. Payment terms

By PayPal in advance or by credit card.

Credit-card payment:

The bellows are available for order.


credit-card transactions is made with the credit-card transactions system by Epsilon Inc.

Customer’s information of the credit card type and number cannot be found in this site.

8.delivery time

we will arrange the shipment by EMS within 3 business days: weekdays excluding weekends and public holidays, summer holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays and our normal holiday in weekdays), except as to pre-orders.

The delivery date will be within 3-10 days after the order is dispatched, but it will vary depending on your country, the airline situation and the customs clearing congestion.
Please note that we cannot accept the delivery date specified.

We will also ask you the shipping information if the delivery address is different from yours.

9.merchandise return or exchange policy

Returns must be made within 8 days of receipt of your order. In case of exchange, we will send the replacement to you. (In case of the out of stock that you require as a replacement, we will arrange a refund for you.) In case of a refund, we will arrange a refund for you, but in each case, the items that are opened and used once will be not accepted for replaced. In case of the returning for reason from the customer’s own, the charge is the responsibility of the customer. We'll pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error. (the prior announcement from the customer is needed.)

○Handling of personal information in mail-order service.

como!come! Design Studio Inc. (hereafter as us) shall state our privacy policy as below.

●Privacy policy

It shall mean the customer’s name, address, phone and fax number, birthday, e-mail address, purchasing history and other information that can identify the specific individuals.

● Purpose of use of personal information

We use the customer’s personal information in the purpose as bellow.

1.Implementation of delivery of products and the related after-service.

2.Management of the members and the users

3.Service including offering points

4.delivery of catalog and DM, and notice of information of new product and service

5.Survey and analysis of marketing data, and development of new products and service.

●Escrow of personal information

We entrust a part of delivery and point-offer management operation to the partner company with the necessary personal information.

We shall supervise them sufficiently and appropriately to secure the safe management of personal information.

●Safe management of customer’s personal information

We shall take the rational secure measures in order to prevent the customer’s personal information from being leaked, being altered and being divulged as well as do the effort to keep the customer’s personal information correct and up-to-date.

●Disclosure, amendment and suspend of use of personal information.

If we receive an offer of disclosure, amendment or suspend of use of personal information from customer, we shall immediately respond to them in the rational extent after confirming the customer's identity.

●Provision of personal information

Except as may be agreed by Private Information Protection Law and the other laws and regulations, we shall protect the personal information and shall never provide it in a possible state of the individual identification to the third party without the agreement from the customers.

●Contact information

comocome Design Studio Inc.

Tel: +81-3-6802-8366 (10:30 – 18:30, exclusive of weekends and public holidays)

#603 Kappa D.C 3-1-12 Mastugaya Taito-ku Tokyo 160-0022 JAPAN


●About cookie

We use the technology called ‘Cookie’ in our website. Cookie is a system that can temporarily make customer’s communication device hold the specified information as data and identify the the customer based on the data in every access. We supply the service based on the use of cookies to the customers. Therefore, the customer may not be able to receive a part of our service if using no cookies. The customer can control cookies through his/her browser's settings. Please check the setting if necessary.

● About information provision to the affiliated companies and pages linked.

It is none of our business about use of personal information collected from the linked website from our website including the site and service of the third party accesstable through our affiliated companies and this website. Therefore, we assume no duty and no responsibility whatsoever for any independent regulations and activities. Please check the privacy policy in every website

●Update of privacy policy

Please note that the privacy policy may change due to the alteration of regulations or if necessary.