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Putter Grip (mid size) "flare"

Shining dark gray x silver with a fleur pattern is so cool!
Polyurethane, fiber and rubber make three layers that is comfortable to grip and improves your putting.
Polyurethane that covers the surface is fast-drying, so you just need to wipe it while playing golf on a rainy day.
The thickness of the middle size is the best for avoiding overusing the wrist without losing the balance.


Unlike ordinary rubber grips, Muziik Golf grips are three-layered and does NOT fit some shafts.
It can be used for any putter grips unless it has a very thick shaft. Please make sure that you put the grip perpendicularly to the shaft.
If you put it diagonally by force, the grip can break.
Before you choose and purchase a grip, check the shaft butt diameter.

Model number: MZ12PG02-86
Weight: 78g ±
Thickness: Medium size (102mm circumference of the thickest part)
Caliber: M58
Item NumberMZ12PG02-86
Item NamePutter Grip (mid size) "flare"
Price1,540 YEN
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